Review – Lumberjanes (week 11)


Friendship to the Max!


“Beware the Kitten Holly” is the first collection of comics in the Lumberjanes series, created by Shannon Watters, Grace Ellis, Brooke Allen and Noelle Stevenson from the new BOOM! Box imprint.

Lumberjanes takes place at a summer camp for “Hardcore Lady Types” and follows the adventures of best friends Jo, April, Mal, Molly and Ripley.  Each girl is well rounded and authentic with a unique personality and style.

They do regular camp like things like archery, canoeing and earn badges.  But there are fantastical elements, too.  Their unique skills help the group solve puzzles and defeat monsters, yeti’s, giant falcons and other supernatural creatures. Readers will like the fast paced action that starts on the first page and witty humor.  The artwork is bold and vibrant with large panels.  And interestingly the style changes in each issue.

Carlyn Hill’s review describes Lumberjanes “like if someone threw The Goonies, Adventure Time, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer into a blender together.”

I would recommend this for ages 10 and up . I think there is something for everyone here and readers will relate to the characters on many levels.  For those who enjoy camp, awesome kick-butt female characters and stories about friendship.

KidLitKat’s review:



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