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Want to improve your photography skills so you can wow the world on Social Media?  Looking for tips on how to start your own vlog or YouTube channel?  Or just want some ideas to spark your creativity?  These books, videos, classes, and more can help you find inspiration through the lens of a camera.


Screen Shot 2016-11-02 at 7.18.08 PM.png

How to Be A Blogger and Vlogger in 10 Easy Lessons

by Shane Birley

find it here

Shane’s website

This handy and helpful intro to blogging/ vlogging/ podcasting breaks down the process of developing, creating, and maintaining a media presence into 10 easy lessons.  **Also includes a must read chapter about online safety**


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Creative Photography Lab: 52 Fun Exercises for Developing Self Expression With your Camera

by Steve Sonheim

find it here 

Whether you have full-size DSLR camera or a phone camera, this book is for you.  Like the title says, here you will find 52 fun and silly exercises that will teach you about your camera and yourself!




The Big Book of Pop Culture

A How-to Guide for Young Artists

by Hal Niedzviecki

find it here

In this book you will find a humorous history of pop culture through the years, as well as a guide to creating your own brand of creative expression with helpful suggestions for how to get started.



Screen Shot 2016-11-12 at 11.31.41 AM.png

David Hume Kennerly on the iPhone:  Secrets and Tips From A Pulitzer Prize-winning Photographer

By David Hume Kennerly

find it here 

Read the story behind the book on the author’s blog.  Kennerly challenged himself to take one great photo every day for a year.  With his iPhone.  Read about his journey, what he learned along the way plus his expert secrets and tips.


How to VLOG! Complete Newbie Guide


iMovie Tutorial for Beginners 2016



Photo Editing Apps


VSCO (pronounced visco) is FREE from the App Store.  It functions as both a camera app and photo sharing platform.   Many filters to chose from that are beautiful and subtle plus user-friendly editing tools to take your photos to the next level.




Repix is FREE from the App Store. (with additional in-app purchases)  artistic filters and effects that will turn your photo into a masterpiece!



Did you know that Brooklyn Public Library has a recording studio?

Screen Shot 2016-11-02 at 7.10.33 PM.png

Reserve time in the Info Commons recording studio at with your library card!



capture BRIC offers free classes in media production and social networking at 5 Brooklyn Public Library locations-(Central, Coney Island, Dekalb, Kings Highway and New Lots)

Intro to Photoshop, Podcasting, Video Production, Oral History, Digital Archiving, Stop Motion Animation and much more!  Register for classes here  



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