The Gilmore Girls

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It was a bizarre moment for me when I heard the teens in my library discussing their love for the The Gilmore Girls, a TV show I loved watching with my friends almost 16 years ago.  After ending in 2007 the show has become somewhat of a cult classic, with fans of all ages. It has since gained a new audience after Netflix released all 7 seasons earlier this year.  Now, fans are binging on old episodes before Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life (four episodes) begins streaming Friday, Nov. 25, on Netflix.

Relatable Characters

The series focuses around several strong mother – daughter relationships.  Lorelei is estranged from her overbearing mother after getting pregnant at 16 and running away from home. Lorelei and her daughter Rory are incredibly close best friends.  Rory’s best friend Lane are always hiding from and deceiving Lane’s strict Korean mother.  And Emily’s mother is distant and harsh and often treats her the way she treats Lorelei.

Strong Sense of Place

Stars Hollow is a small, picturesque, New England town full of quirky citizens and hijinks that becomes an important character in itself.

Fast-paced, witty dialogue

Well crafted dialogue is full of pop culture references, that it is honestly hard to catch them all.

Wide Appeal

While it is mostly thought of as a “girl” show I think there are a lot of guy fans out there too!  The gilmore guys podcast are 2 guy superfans who review and analyze each episode.  It seems that the show’s fans come in all shapes and sizes and has proved to have lasting appeal.




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