lightning round! Q. 2

You Are an Army of One, the Only Teen Services Librarian in the Library System.

I was shocked when I read “a city of 1.2 million”.   I was expecting Carrie Kitchen to describe some small library in a small town not a sprawling city.  In any case, if I was the sole teen librarian devoted to teen services  I would try to use my time and energy as effectively as possible, focusing on projects that will serve the most teens.

I would reach out to community organizations and foster those relationships.  Especially when working with a limited budget because they could possibly  provide resources and programs free of cost.

Delegate!  Like we discussed in class, getting teens involved and creating volunteer opportunities would  kill two birds with one stone.  Teens could help plan and run programs and get more teens to the library.

And oh yes, burnout is real and serious.  My coworker gave me this advice when I started at the library and I’m glad she did.  It’s important to pace yourself, and set realistic goals that are sustainable.




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