Pathfinder: When I Was the Greatest by Jason Reynolds

If you liked WHEN I WAS THE GREATEST by Jason Reynolds check out ... ...more authentic and gritty portrayals of growing up in NYC. Grant, Christopher. TEENIE.  New York: Alfred A. Knopf 2010. Fourteen-year-old Martine, known as "Teenie," is growing up in Brooklyn with strict Caribbean islander parents, (Dad is from Barbados & Mom from … Continue reading Pathfinder: When I Was the Greatest by Jason Reynolds


Love the LUMBERJANES? Check these out next…

...if you are looking for more action-packed, fantasy comic series. Princeless: 1 Save Yourself  Jeremy Whitley J FIC WHITLEY Like the Lumberjanes, this comic is funny and action-packed!   Not your average Princess, Adrienne has been locked in a tower by her father and doesn't have time to sit around and be rescued. With the … Continue reading Love the LUMBERJANES? Check these out next…


I asked my YA librarian what youtube channels her teens were into and she recommended Zoella.  Zoella's youtube page currently has over 11 million! subscribers, and her videos have 861,955,106 views!  Her real name is Zoe Elizabeth Sugg, she's 26 years old and lives in the UK.  Her videos are mostly about style and fashion and "hauls" where she … Continue reading Youtubers

Review – Lumberjanes (week 11)

Friendship to the Max!   "Beware the Kitten Holly" is the first collection of comics in the Lumberjanes series, created by Shannon Watters, Grace Ellis, Brooke Allen and Noelle Stevenson from the new BOOM! Box imprint. Lumberjanes takes place at a summer camp for "Hardcore Lady Types" and follows the adventures of best friends Jo, April, Mal, Molly and … Continue reading Review – Lumberjanes (week 11)

Week 6: Real People and True Events

Extraordinary people: a semi-comprehensive guide to some of the world's most fascinating individuals Written by Michael Hearst         Illustrated by Aaron Scamihorn I love this book!  Hearst and Scamihorn have put together a unique collection of short biographies on truly fascinating folks from Nikola Tesla to Fred Rogers to Bessie Coleman.  Some are living, some … Continue reading Week 6: Real People and True Events