week 7: Lightning Round!

#4. You Know More about Teen Authors than Teens.  You Keep Talking about Reading and How Great YA Books Are Because You Want to Share the Joy of Reading-But These Teens Just Don't Care. This actually came up a lot during my interview with the YA librarian.  She explained that most of the teens who … Continue reading week 7: Lightning Round!


Digital Spaces #777w6

For my community profile, I am looking at the Kensington branch of the Brooklyn Public Library.  The building itself was recently designed and just built in 2012 making it the newest branch in the system.  Inside the library feels modern, clean and new.  The windows, high ceilings and sky light fill the space with natural light. … Continue reading Digital Spaces #777w6

Interviewing my YA librarian

This week I interviewed the YA librarian at the Brooklyn Public Library branch where I also work. Some insights: One of the biggest challenges is staff members negative attitude's towards teens. (No surprise there!) RA can be really tricky in an Orthodox Jewish community.  Finding "clean" books for teens is harder than it sounds. Turning on the radio … Continue reading Interviewing my YA librarian

(Week 4) Teens and libraries: A love-hate relationship

Where I work, I always knew the situation with teens was bad… but I didn’t know it was that bad.  After interviewing my library's Young Adult librarian, this week’s readings took on new meaning.  The way I see it,  YALSA’s The Future of Library Services for and with Teens: A Call to Action  represents the … Continue reading (Week 4) Teens and libraries: A love-hate relationship

Teen librarians/ interacting with teenages. The issues of trying to be cool.

Q. 3. You Try to Relate to Teens in a "Cool Way," Often Using Teen Lingo.  You Sense It Is Tragic.  You Might Be Right. The way we interact with teenagers is important. I agree that trying to be cool towards a teenager could backfire. I think teenagers are not looking for adults to be … Continue reading Teen librarians/ interacting with teenages. The issues of trying to be cool.