Youth Librarian Elevator Speech

Just brainstorming: I help [target audience*] [verb phrase*] at the library so that [proven/expected positive outcome for target audience*] . ALSC Infographic I help connect youth and their communities to free resources  available at the library to help bridge the gap that keeps low-income students at a disadvantage. I help teach parents and caregivers at the library … Continue reading Youth Librarian Elevator Speech


I asked my YA librarian what youtube channels her teens were into and she recommended Zoella.  Zoella's youtube page currently has over 11 million! subscribers, and her videos have 861,955,106 views!  Her real name is Zoe Elizabeth Sugg, she's 26 years old and lives in the UK.  Her videos are mostly about style and fashion and "hauls" where she … Continue reading Youtubers